KW Astronomy Club

Our local astronomy club is part of The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, a national organization with 29 local centres from St. John's, Newfoundland to Victoria, B.C. The Society, which celebrated its centennial in 1990, is devoted to the advancement of astronomy and allied sciences and has members from all walks of life.

Meetings of the K-W Centre are open to all who wish to attend. We usually have a feature speaker or a presentation on a topic of interest to amateur astronomers. Past topics have included black holes, telescope making, cosmology, how the human eye observes, and astrophotography, to name just a few. A short talk on objects worth observing in a particular constellation or on practical aspects of observing and equipment may be presented as well. Also, there is always some free time for attendees to talk about what they have seen in the sky or read about in the last month.