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The Nesting Instinct

The Nesting Instinct

Many years ago, a pregnant woman was worshiped and treated like royalty. All of the women in her family and community circle would tend to her needs, pamper her and ensure she had a relaxing and healthy pregnancy and birth. The support wouldn’t stop there, though. The new mother was surrounded by loved ones who came to cook, clean and tend to her family while she bonded with her newborn and recovered from her birth. These women knew; “It takes a village to raise a child”.

Today, most of the women in our own circles are extremely busy; they are often expected to fill the role of bread winner, house keeper, chef, partner & mother. Expectant women often work right up until the last day of pregnancy, and receive little support from friends, family and community members while they navigate through the journey of new motherhood. Postpartum depression rates are high, and many women are left feeling alone. It is our mission to change this.


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