7 - 19 years

Ventures Winter Guard

Ventures Winter Guard

Winter colour guard is a relatively new performance art form that combines elements of music, dance and military precision marching in a competitive arena.  Born out of the drum corps/marching band world, winter guard came into existence about twenty-five years ago.  It involves the manipulation (spins, tosses, flips) of equipment including rifles, flags and sabers while moving the body and moving around the performance space.  It can be compared to dance, figure skating, gymnastics and drama all combined into this unique performance sport.  

For the members, colour guard is a challenge and an opportunity for growth that develops both the athlete and the artist. The goal of the Ventures organization is to strive for excellence while developing teamwork and teaching sportsmanship in an entertaining avenue. Unlike sports teams, the entertainment factor makes this program unique.

source: www.ventureswinterguard.com

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