9 - 19 years

KW Glee

KW Glee

KW Glee is a pop rock choir that performs live in Southern Ontario. The group is managed by Producer & Music Director Steve Lehmann and Artistic Director Amanda Kind. Built of young people aged 9-13 (junior) & 14-19 (senior) this Waterloo Region organization is distinctly different than other choirs – the participants sing music right off the pop charts all while delivering full throttle choreography that brings each song to life in an innovative way. The group performs twice per year in terms running September to December and January to June. After roughly 12 weeks of rehearsal, KW Glee performs a 2-hour full-repertoire concert showcasing the group’s broad spectrum of talent at the end of each term.

KW Glee also offers classes for those that we are unable to take in our senior and junior groups, plus a mini group for grades 1-3.

source: www.kwglee.com, www.facebook.com

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