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Airborne Trampoline

Airborne Trampoline

Airborne Trampoline is a recreational & competitive trampoline facility open to the public and the gymnastics community alike. All of Airborne's Olympic Trampoline coaches are certified by N.C.C.P. and Gymnastics Ontario. Airborne Trampoline is a proud member of Gymnastics Ontario & Gymnastics Canada.

Airborne opened its first location in the summer of 1994 in Woodbridge. Since then, Airborne has expanded its locations to Newmarket in 2003, and Cambridge in 2011. With new locations on the horizon, the Airborne family are looking forward to opening many more locations in the future. Specializing in a SAFETY FIRST approach to the sport of trampolining, Airborne has a great safety record in all of its programs. Unlike many of the other trampoline facilities, Airborne employs qualified coaches and refs who share a passion for the sport of trampolining. This passion for the sport can be seen in all of Airborne's programs and services.

source: www.airbornetrampoline.ca
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