5 years and up

Heritage Martial Arts and Fitness Centre

Heritage Martial Arts and Fitness Centre

Our kid's programs run 6 days a week (with the exclusion of Sundays) with scheduling based on age and belt level. Your child will also be introduced to Japanese history and culture. We teach the traditional Goju-Ryu karate system which was founded by Chojun Miyagi in Okinawa, Japan. This includes kata, kumite, self-defence and safety training.

The goal of our karate classes for children is to teach a traditional martial art using modern concepts in a practical manner so that it can be applied to the reality children face on a daily basis.

Karate improves physical strength, stamina, and co-ordination, enhances self-esteem, teaches your child how to listen and follow directions, and teaches self-control, self-awareness, and respect for others.

source: www.heritagemartialarts.com

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