3 years and up

Conestoga Karate

Conestoga Karate

At our dojo we have two rules: 1 - Everyone must be safe, 2 - Everyone must have fun.

We take martial arts training very seriously, but it must also be enjoyable for the students.

Our instructors are fully trained and qualified instructors who are all students themselves, continually upgrading and learning from our Master, Kunio Miyake.

Our student - teacher ratio is very low, and all students receive individual attention and consideration.

We believe martial arts training is much more than learning to punch and kick, martial arts training helps in all aspects of a students life, from self esteem, physical fitness, social awareness, respect, tolerance, concentration, attention to detail, etc. The list of benefits goes on and on.

source: conestogakarate.zohosites.com

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