4 years and up

Canadian Combat Arts Center

Canadian Combat Arts Center

Our children’s cirriculum stresses the basics of:

  • cordination
  • body movement
  • reflexes
  • breakfalls and tumbling
  • Stretching
  • Street proofing

Our goal is to teach children to help them develop their minds as well as thier bodies, to accept and respect others. To build self confidence and a lasting desire to stay physically fit. All of this is done by teaching a child the basics of Martial Arts. It´s truly an amazing thing to see a child develop with Martial Arts training. To see the pride in their face when they accomplish something difficult, to see them improve their grades in school, and see them develop more energy to play instead of sitting in front of the TV or playing video games. We believe in positive encouragement so that they develop honesty, integrity, discipline, and focus.

source: www.combatarts.ca

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