Nature Connect

Serving the KW region of Ontario, Nature Connect partners with the City of Kitchener to offer forest school and outdoor experiential programs for children, families, and adults.

In each of our programs, we seek to connect. To each other, to nature, and to ourselves. We intentionally keep groups small. Small is beautiful, we believe.

Come! Learn and play with us. Here are some of the many things we like to do:

  • tell stories, sing, act, write poetry, dance
  • do group building activities and games
  • craft with woodland materials
  • use nature to inspire our artwork
  • learn about plants, creatures, and trees
  • practise conflict resolution skills
  • learn safety and supported risk taking
  • listen in a quiet spot in the woods
  • chase questions, nurture wonder
  • build structures
  • create imaginary worlds
  • watch birds and other creatures