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Twisters Cheer Athletics

Twisters Cheer Athletics

Twisters Cheer Athletics is the first all star cheerleading program in the Kitchener area. We look forward to the opportunity to have a positive impact upon your children and family.  At Twisters we pride ourselves on providing a positive experience for all of our students and their families.  We offer competitive and recreational programs for boys and girls, age 3 and older. We welcome all skill levels; everyone can be a cheerleader but more importantly everyone can be a Twister!

At Twisters Cheer Athletics we inspire, believe and take great pride in our athletes and their accomplishments. Our coaches have a passion for the sport of cheerleading and will further develop life long skills such as trust, teamwork and discipline in a positive environment.

source: www.twisterscheerathletics.com
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