Welcome to Music for Life, a studio in Waterloo, offering a complete developmentally appropriate Music Program beginning with Early Childhood Music and Movement Classes for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and children up to age five. In addition, Private Piano Lessons are provided for all ages and levels.

Early Childhood Music and Movement Classes (birth – 5 years) 

Come join our community at Music for Life and discover what music can do for you and your family! At Music for Life, adults and children participate together in fun, and engaging classes filled with singing, chanting, movement, and instrument play. Rich, and developmentally appropriate programming is provided to assist you in nurturing your child's natural love of music, all while supporting their overall early childhood development both in class, at home, or anywhere life takes you. Join in the fun, and experience the joy of making music a part of your everyday lives!

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All Ages
All lessons are made to fit the needs of each student incorporating a well-rounded approach to learning music. Lessons can also be provided in preparation for competitions, auditions, and Royal Conservatory of Music examinations. \*For an initial free trial lesson, please contact the studio
8 months and under
These classes are designed with the research and knowledge that early active musical participation in infancy can positively affect both social and early language development.  It increases the social bonding between baby and caregiver.  Studies also show that those who walk, sing, talk, tap, and sway together, are more likely to engage in pro social behaviours such as cooperation and sharing.  This class is recommended for first time infants and their parent/guardian.  It is an introduction to Early Childhood Music in a more relaxed environment while receiving the background knowledge to support ongoing musical experiences and development at home and beyond.  Children attend this class with a parent/guardian.
4 years and under
Looking to bring music into your child's life? This is where to start!  Your child can attend from birth to age four, receiving a new variety of songs each session. These classes are fun, informal, engaging, and offer opportunities to bring music into your life as a family and community, in class, at home, or anywhere life takes you! Families joyfully participate together in singing, chanting, movement, musical games, listening, and instrument playing.
5 years
Through carefully planned lessons of singing, movement, listening, and instrument play, your child will develop a further love and understanding of music.  They will learn musical concepts such as beat, rhythm, form, and melody.  Through dance and musical games, your child will have the opportunity to be musically creative.  This program also includes an introduction to beginner piano, and is an ideal precursor to private piano lessons.

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