5 - 17 years

Algorithmics Waterloo

Algorithmics Waterloo

Algorithmics is an international school of coding for kids. We make STEM education fun and exciting! Children will learn computer programming while building their own games and cartoons. Students do not sit at the computer the whole time. They also paint, calculate, create, and do group projects in the workbook to practice. After each class, parents receive an email showing what their young programmers learned that day.

source: waterloo.alg.academy
5 - 7 years
Create cartoons and interactive animations in Scratch JR! The children study programming on tablets and in workbooks. The teachers conduct games aimed at understanding the basics of algorithms and programming. Learn more about the course! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
8 - 12 years
Apply Algorithmic thinking to create computer games in Scratch! Through the creation of their own cartoons and computer games, the children develop logical and algorithmic thinking. This helps them in school. Learn more about the course!
11 - 14 years
Create games and develop software while learning the Python language! The kids will work out the basic concepts of algorithms and programming while learning the Python language. As they are immersed in the culture and specifics of the IT world, they will try out different areas of software development. Learn more about the course!
14 - 17 years
The kids make a plan, assign tasks, and present their projects publicly. They learn to check themselves and correct errors, including those in other people's code. Learn more about the course! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
7 - 15 years
Children can explore four professions: Cyber Security Video Blogger Smart Device Designer Virtual World Creator Summer camp will be working July 6th - Aug.28th. Make your holidays funny! Early bird price before Apr.30 is $240 or $190 for the week of Aug.4 to Aug.7 After Apr.30, the regular price is $280 or $ 225 for the week of Aug.4 to Aug.7 Visit our website to register!  ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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