6 - 13 years

Brick Works Academy

Brick Works Academy

Do you have a child who is constantly exploring and building? Sign your child up to be part of our program, where your child can explore robotics construction, programming and team work.  

Or take a look at our Minecraft digital building and exploring camps.  Here students get to explore and build minecraft worlds and share experiences with like minded peers. Minecraft gets used in ways beyond what they might do at home. 

Your child may prefer to master the underlying math and strategies of the Pokemon Card game.  Here they also learn digital painting tools in our computer lab and design their own Pokemon cards!

Students can also excel in Photography or Animation in one of our Technical Design and Art camps. 

At Brick Works Academy we celebrate Geeky game culture and Technology and learn from each other while having fun!

source: brickworksacademy.com

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