3 - 14 years

Great Big Theatre Company

Great Big Theatre Company

GBTC offers acting, drama and theatre arts programs for young people throughout the year.

GBTC's enthusiastic, caring staff create a warm, supportive environment where students will feel at home, and be ready to explore and discover.

Through the Fall, Winter and Spring, we provide programs of classes, for ages 6 to 8, ages 9 to 13 and a specially designed program for ages 3 to 5.

Our programs for ages 6 to 13 include plays, mime, improvisation, theatre games, musical theatre, work with simple sets and costumes, and a concluding public performance. In selected programs we also offer specializations such as storytelling, mask-making, rap, comedy, stage combat and video.

Our full-day camp programs, offered during July and August and also during March Break, also include outdoor activities, games and sports. In addition, we offer preschool camps (full day or half day) for campers age 3 to 5.

source: www.gbtc.com

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