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CORE Lifestyle & Recreation Complex

CORE Lifestyle & Recreation Complex

CORE Lifestyle & Recreation Complex is a unique multi-sport, multi-purpose facility. The objective of the facility is to provide an environment that is professional, friendly, supportive and family oriented; while catering to the specific needs of elite level athletes.

The 65,000+ square foot facility is NOW OPEN! The complex is attracting a large group of users and offering sport programs, recreational programs, gym memberships and restaurant services; creating a great community “sports club feel” not available in any other facility in the region.

Our Sport Programs include soccer, volleyball, wrestling, football, lacrosse, rugby, disc sports; with more programs planned for the future. The multi-sport use facility will also serve as an Elite Athlete Performance Centre and will be a home to the top athletes in the region for a variety of sports.

source: www.coresportsandfitness.com

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