amma yoga has yoga for everyone. Classes are fun, challenging, nurturing and un-pretentious. Our space is bright, cozy and welcoming.

Make yourself at home, make a new friend, catch your breath and enjoy getting moving. We've got your back. We want to make it possible for you to prioritize self-care, and especially love taking care of busy parents (we have a play-space with a treehouse and offer childcare during certain classes!)

All Ages
Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means "union". All yoga classes have the foundation of union in them but none quite like a family class. Strengthen, build and nurture your special connection with family members by participating in this dynamic class. This playful class is geared toward children and their family members and incorporates movement, yoga postures, games, partner poses and time to connect with each other through mindfulness activities. Only one class pass is used per family.
1 years and under
This class is for you, mama. Ease the aches and build strength to rise to the new challenges of caring for this little baby. Designed to nurture and energize you from around 6 weeks postpartum until your baby is crawling all over the place (in which case, you should come to Moms & Movers instead!) Never done a yoga class? There's a first time for everything.
6 months - 2 years
The best kind of chaos - nurture yourself with a safe and challenging yoga practice while the kids crawl and toddle around us. You may get climbed on or under, but you will leave class feeling better than when you started. Dads are welcome too!! (Are you having to spend too much of your Mom & Baby class chasing your suddenly mobile little one before they poke that newborn baby in the face? Graduate to Moms & Movers, where all the babies are in the same crazy boat.)
1 - 3 years
This fun, silly and soothing drop-in class introduces yoga and mindfulness in a playful way. Expect to roar like a lion, wag your doggy tail, laugh in a partner pose, and move your body in fun and challenging ways! We will use yoga poses and creative movement to go on adventures, and we'll learn strategies to calm our bodies and minds. This is a parent (or grandparent/caregiver) participating class.
4 - 7 years
WITH SANDRA VAN DONG-DELARONDE This 6-week course will allow your child to discover yoga in a fun, creative and nurturing atmosphere. In this playful class we will encourage self-expression and self-respect in body and in mind, as well as respect for others. Your child will learn to focus through breathing and relaxation techniques, and grow strength and flexibility through fun and challenging yoga poses. Yoga for children is an opportunity for them to find tranquility and peace in their busy little lives while improving whole body health. This class is designed for children ages 4-7, but that range isn't written in stone. 6-weeks, $84 MONDAYS 4:30-5:15PM, BEGINNING JANUARY 14TH (SKIPPING FAMILY DAY) SATURDAYS 1:15-2:00PM, BEGINNING JANUARY 19TH Register now! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
8 - 11 years
WITH JULIE RAINEAULT This 6-week course will prepare your child to grow their yoga practice. This class will focus on yoga fundamentals, teaching them poses and sequences they can expect as they transition into Teen and Adult classes. Weekly, we will take time to build a mindfulness practice to learn strategies to take breaks and self-soothe during the challenging transition between childhood and adulthood. We will also have a lot of fun! This course is geared toward kids aged 8-11, but that range isn't written in stone.. 6-weeks, $84 WEDNESDAYS 5:15-6:00PM, BEGINNING JANUARY 16TH Register now! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
12 years and up
WITH SANDRA VAN DONG-DELARONDE This 6-week course will help teens to learn and grow a yoga & mindfulness practice. We will take time to unplug and turn inward in a supportive environment with a focus on personal growth and not competition. Students will learn the fundamentals of yoga poses and common sequences to prepare them as they transition into Adult classes. Yoga postures to build inner & outer strength and flexibility are the main focus of this class. Students will cultivate emotional balance through the physical and mental benefits of yoga by practicing breathing exercises, flowing sequences, balancing poses and deep relaxation while building a healthy relationship with their bodies. Positive self-awareness and self-esteem will be encouraged. 6-weeks, $84 TUESDAYS 5:00-5:45, BEGINNING JANUARY 15TH Register now! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
FIRST THURSDAY OF EACH MONTH FROM 12:30-1:30 | $10 ($5 FOR MEMBERS) WITH JESSIKA MARIE Join Mavens for Mama the FIRST THURSDAY of each month to talk all things Mama. Mavens for Mama founder Jessika Marie, WMN's WRK facilitator, health coach and mother of three will create a space for reflection, mentoring, education and candid conversation. We will navigate the complexities and the opportunities for healing and growth that are available to us through our motherhood journey. We need our TRIBE more than ever for support and of course a good belly laugh now and then! Moms of all stages welcome! Babies welcome! Limited childcare is available as well (please sign up in advance.) MAMA GROUP TOPICS: January 3rd - Motherhood as a Rite of Passage February 7th - The Motherload March 7th - Motherhood + Feminism April 4th - Healing the Motherwound May 2nd - Sexuality, Spirituality + Motherhood June 6th - The Fourth Trimester + Beyond July 4th - Unlock your MotherCode Register now! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Yoga in pregnancy is a wonderful tool to adapt to the challenges of your ever-changing body, release tension and build strength in preparation for birth and parenting. It also helps you connect with your breath and your instincts in a way that is totally relevant to birth (and life!)
SUNDAY, JANUARY 20TH, 3:00-5:00PM | $50 PER PAIR Taught by Jackie Klue & Sandra Van Dong-DeLaRonde In this 2-hour, fun and informative workshop, partners will practice breath work, yoga poses, massage, and relaxation techniques. Much emphasis will be placed on the essential role of the birth partner, providing specific, helpful techniques that the partner can use during pregnancy, labour, and beyond. The presence and encouragement of a woman's partner is a powerful aid to labour and birth. Partners will learn ways to support the pregnant and labouring woman in yoga poses, to help adjust her body for relaxation, and to safely massage and support her during this special time in her life. During this workshop we will practice: yoga poses for pregnancy & postpartum relaxation and comforting techniques breathing techniques that support easier birthing stretches and toning joined with your partner birthing positions that can be used during labour connecting physically, emotionally as a couple and as a new family Sharing movement, breath awareness and touch while spending time together away from daily responsibility creates the opportunity for expecting mama and her birth partner to connect with baby and nurture a comfortable pregnancy and birth. No yoga experience is required. Please wear comfortable clothing you can move freely in. Register now! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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