Dramatic Elements & Fun!

 by actOUT! Children's Drama Workshop
11 - 14 yearsRegistration required, Drop-off

New to theatre training or just want to do some extra skill building? Join Tricia in this fun program that will help you grow your confidence, insight and start or build on foundations previously explored through performance art. We'll be learning about accessing emotions for acting, where they lie in your body, exploring various characters that experience a variety of emotions & choices and how it can help you play those roles. Through scene studies or monologues we'll experiment with choices that support the story but are of interest to the actor reviewing foundations as needed. Participants will be exploring improv, drama games and working towards memorizing their script work. This program will conclude with an informal parents day presentation during the last 10 minutes of class on the last day of each term. (Enroll via registration, no audition or pre-requisite level)

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actOUT! Children's Drama Workshop