Mini Production

 by actOUT! Children's Drama Workshop
6 - 10 yearsRegistration required, Drop-off

Mini Production is a class/production combination opportunity for students at any experience level, will give participants the opportunity to learn basic theatre skills such as spatial and body awareness, projection, expression and character creation. Students will work in groups and on their own, with an emphasis on cooperation, creativity and exploration. Activities will include tableau work, storytelling, mime and lots of games! This class will help build confidence, refine existing skills and teach new ones, and allow students to meet new friends. We are committed to providing your family with unforgettable memories that only live theatre can offer. On stage and in our classroom, we will inspire wonder and excitement, and nurture and ignite imaginations.

The year-long program is open to all children 6-10 years of age, regardless of their previous experiences. No auditions are required to register for the program. At the end of the program you will see the results of their hard work, with a live theatre performance starring your child!

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actOUT! Children's Drama Workshop