School of Music

 by Freedom Community Centre
7 years and upRegistration required, Drop-off

We love music. We love how it speaks to the soul, we love how it is universal and we love how it brings communities together. That's the idea behind the Freedom Community Centre School of Music. We want our community to be able to learn about and experience music and do it while building relationships with our neighbours. Sounds like fun, right? Our School of Music is led by Tracy Dunham, the Associate Pastor here at Freedom. She's a mom of 3 elementary school aged kids so she totally understands the financial strain and scheduling whirlwind that kids' extra-curricular activities can be. That's why our classes are so inexpensive. We just want to cover our costs and allow as many people as possible to have access to music lessons.

**Format for Group Lessons ** Each class will consist of up to 8 students, each with their own keyboard, an instructor and an assistant instructor (as needed). Class time will be used for group keyboard instruction, musical theory instruction, music discovery and individual practice time.

**What will I need?  **Your registration fee will cover all of the costs including your books, coffee in our waiting area and a recital at the end of the semester.  All you need is a pair of earphones, any earphones will do as long as they fit properly.

Where are the classes?  We're at 1643 Bleams Road, between Fischer-Hallman and Trussler.  We have a farm house at the front of the property that we use as the Freedom Community Centre.  The School of Music piano studios are set up on the second floor.

No upcoming offerings.

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