PD Day Camps

STEM, PD Day Camp
4 - 12 yearsRegistration required, Drop-off

Join THEMUSEUM for a day of exploration, creativity and fun! Learn about a variety of exciting topics guaranteed to ignite curiosity.

Daily Themes:

Apr. 2 - Scientists of Spring

  • In the Spring, plants begin to sprout because the weather is warmer! In this camp, we will examine different types of plants and algae with microscopes, create leaf prints and much more!

Apr. 13 - Virtual Worlds

  • In the past computers were very different and much larger than they are today! In this camp, learn about the history of computers and much more through the interactive INTERPLAY exhibition!

May 4 - Level Up!

  • People have played games for a long time! In this camp, learn how video games can provide a new way to mix games and story-telling by playing ancient games from around the world and prototyping your very own game!

Jun. 1 - Reaction Science!

  • Chemical reaction in action. Learn about crazy explosions, colour changing pH and so much more. Grab your goggles for a chemistry camp!

Jun. 29 - Life in Space?

  • Have you ever wondered if there’s life somewhere out there in the universe? We may not know yet, but scientists are hard at work to discover the answer. But how do they do it? Join us for this years space PD Day Camp to find out how.

PD Day Camps cost at $45/day for non-members & $40/day for members.

Register your camper by emailing a completed registration form into Camps@THEMUSEUM.ca, mailing to THEMUSEUM, 10 King St W, Kitchener, ON, N2G 1A3, or in person during regular business hours.

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