Parents & Tots

 by Ice-Tech
2 - 3 yearsRegistration required, Parent participates

Parents & Tots is a great opportunity for a parent to participate with a child’s early ice experience. We provide a coach to coordinate activities with the parent and the child. Instruction and activities are based on the mobility of the beginner as much as possible. Balloons and various toys are used to make the learning process smoother. This program is designed for Tots who are 2-3 years of age. CSA approved helmets are mandatory for the Tot and facemasks are strongly recommended. Adults are urged to wear a helmet if they are unsure of their skating ability. All Tots must be accompanied by an adult on the ice also wearing skates.

NEW: Effective January 8, 2012

Ice-Tech and its managers and staff may insist on a helmet for the adult based on skill assessment and therefore a helmet may become mandatory. This is at the sole discretion of Ice-Tech.

No upcoming offerings.