Mixed Media: Artist Focus

 by 4Cats Uptown Waterloo
Visual Arts
6 - 10 yearsRegistration required, Drop-off

We encourage individual artistic choices, creativity, learning and fun. We will be creating paintings, drawings, sculptures & ceramics – lots of different mediums and techniques are covered. Tuition includes material costs.

Featured Artist Weeks 1-5:

Time for an Adventure, inspired by Lawren Harris. Chill out this winter at the studio and create a wilderness inspired painting and a clay diorama sculpture. Hear the call of the wild and listen to the adventure stories about legendary Canadian painter, Lawren Harris.

Featured Artist Weeks 6-10:

Happy Homes Treehouse Forts & Hideouts, inspired by Grandma Moses. Create, design and imagine your dream treehouse, fort or hideout. Celebrate happy days and homes using a variety of mediums on wood panel and canvas. Everyone will be inspired by the stories of Grandma Moses, whose art celebrates the seasons, home, family and friends.

source: www.4cats.com
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