Ignite the Power In You

 by A. H. Motiv8
March Break Camp
Gr. 3 - Gr. 6Registration required, Drop-off

The March Break Camp runs during the day and is offered at AIM Learning Community on the corner of Ottawa St and Fisher-Hallman Rd in Kitchener.

During our sessions we focus on empowering youth to realize and recognize their own unique value. We do a lot of work around self image/confidence building but we also focus on stress management, positive risk taking, digital safety/citizenship, wellness and relationship building (friendships/family)

Youth learn exciting, hands on strategies that will encourage and empower them to stay true to themselves for years to come. Through games, songs and empowering activities we will learn to find and ignite their unique strengths!

source: www.ahmotivation.com
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A. H. Motiv8