Now Boarding for the Raise a Food Lover Journey Around the World! Passport to Mexico

 by PC Cooking School
6 - 11 yearsRegistration required, Parent participates

Join our PC Cooking School Instructor and In-store Dietitian as they bring the tastes of the world to you! In this interactive, hands-on class, our Instructor and In-Store Dietitian will serve as tour guides as you and your children explore a new region of the world each month! Families will learn to cook regionally influenced dishes while learning about a new destination, it’s culture and sample some foods unique to the region. Your family will leave the class with an excitement for new foods, plus the knowledge and skills to tackle meal-time with a love of food in mind. $15 per person (adult or child) (Each child must be accompanied by an adult). Suitable for children 6 years old and over.

Please be advised that our Cooking Schools are not allergy-free zones.

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