Top Defender Camp with Northfield Racquet Club

 by The Zone Training
Squash, Hockey, Summer Camp
9 - 12 yearsRegistration required, Drop-off

The Zone has partnered up with Northfield Racquet Club (NRC) for this summer camp! This camp starts at NRC and players will participate in 2.5 hours of activities before lunch (not included) and will then be transported by bus to the Zone. The half-day at the Zone includes one 1.5 hour ice session and one 1 hour dryland session each day. Drop-off each day is at NRC and pick-up is at the Zone.

Northfield Racquet Club is located a few minutes from the Zone on Northfield Drive. This is a great opportunity for children to learn the basics of squash while working on transferable hockey skills. Players will work on Squash skills such as: lateral movement, foot speed, importance of following through with shots, stops and starts, explosive movements, hand eye coordination, strategy and quick decision making. Camp instructors will lead the participants through warm ups, skill development coaching, drills, and match play. No squash experience necessary. Racquets and eye-protection are provided as part of the fee.

The focus of the hockey portion of this camp is to cover advanced techniques and strategies specifically for defensemen including: skating technique (pivots, edgework, transitions), shooting (wrist shot, snap shot), passing and puck handling. Players will also work on heads up play with the puck along with angling techniques and specific read and react skills.

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