Summer Theatre Camp (3-5)

 by Great Big Theatre Company
Drama, Summer Camp
3 - 5 yearsRegistration required, Drop-off

GBTC camps are developed to nurture an environment of respect, kindness, compassion and intelligent behavior.

Each GBTC camp setting enables the young campers to play in a safe environment while developing physical, social and personal skills. Through positive encouragement, compassion, fun and patience, we work with the child in creating pleasant experiences and memories that serve to build confidence and ability.

Every day each child is welcomed to the camp by a friendly and caring staff member who will guide them through the day with a clear and well defined manner of communication.

There is plenty of outside play time along with scheduled indoor activities alternating with rest periods during the day, to balance active engagement as well as rest and well-being.

All activities as well as lunch and snack periods are organized, to ensure that each child feels secure, included and positively engaged within the camp group.

Extended hours are available at an additional cost of $ 5.50 per hr / per camper / per day.

The camp content and performances are different each week; campers may register for one week or more than one week.

No upcoming offerings.

Great Big Theatre Company