Culinary Craft Camp

 by Summer Chef School
Cooking, Summer Camp
6 - 15 yearsRegistration required, Drop-off

Culinary Craft Program is a fun full day program that teaches an extensive range of cooking skills. We like to say that the program is skills based and recipe driven. At the end of the week, our campers will have learned at least 15 different cooking techniques and more than 25 delicious recipes. More importantly, they will be able to use their new skills to tackle new recipes and create their own unique dishes.

Culinary Craft is the updated version of Chef 101, the program that started it all ten years ago. Our approach is based primarily on classic European technique but we introduce ideas from other culinary traditions as well. The lessons are hands on, team based and always entertaining. Throughout the week, we teach about sustainable cooking, eating nutritiously and developing a wide variety of transferable life skills.

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